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Crossing Chile
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Skorpios Motorvessel III: Kaweskar Explorers Route Skorpios Motorvessel III: Kaweskar Explorers Route
Zona: PatagoniaCiudad: Puerto Natales
Lugar de Interés: Fiords and Glaciers
Duración: 6 Días - 5 Noches 
Descripción: The M/V Skorpios III, sets sail every saturdays evening from Puerto Natales, located 247 km to the north of Punta Arenas, on a five day cruise through the channels and fjords that border the Southern Ice Field, in the Chilean Patagonia, which is considered to be the third largest reserve of fresh water on the planet and crib of the biggest and most spectacular glaciers in the southern hemisphere. There are two options to reach the region of Magallanes: flying to Punta Arenas or comming overland from Argentina. From this city, passengers must be transferred to the Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Natales. The maritime route commences through the Kirke Narrows, moving towards the north through the Morla Vicuña, Unión Inlet, Collingwood, Sarmiento, Concepción and Wide channels, to anchor in a beautiful area known as the Eyre Inlet.
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Skorpios Motorvessel III: Kaweskar Explorers Route   Skorpios Motorvessel III: Kaweskar Explorers Route   Skorpios Motorvessel III: Kaweskar Explorers Route   Skorpios Motorvessel III: Kaweskar Explorers Route
El Crucero Incluye:
  • Breakfasts, lunch and dinner.
  • Open Bar.
  • Welcome Cocktails and farewell party.
  • All the activities inside the ship.
  • Please ask for Politics and conditions at the moment to reserve
  • Itinerary subject to changes according to navigation and climate conditions.
  • Additional lodging service on friday night per passenger on board M/N Skorpios III: US$210.- includes tour to the Torres del Paine National Park.
  • Embarkation boarding tax: US$14.-
  • Price shown are subject to change without previous notice.
  • Price per passenger based on cabin

Childrens Rate:

  • From 1 to 5 years old: Free sharing bed
  • From 6 years old: Normal rate

Sailing dates Low Season:

  • April: 3 / 10 / 17 / 24
  • May: 1 / 8

Sailing dates Shoulder Season:

  • December: 5 / 12
  • February: 27
  • March: 6 / 13 / 20 / 27

Sailing dates High Season:

  • December: 20* / 27*
  • January: 2 / 9 / 16 / 23 / 30
  • February: 6 / 13 / 20
  • * Sails on Sunday
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Day 1 Saturday:

Reception of passengers at Punta Arenas airport. Check-in. During the afternoon, transfer by bus to Puerto Natales, arriving at 19:00 hrs. Approximately to the Skorpios Terminal. Embarkation. 20:00 hrs. Welcome drink and dinner on board. 19:00 hrs. Ship sets sail from Puerto Natales, navigating the Patagonian channels, Kirke Narrowness, channel Morla Vicuña, Seno Unión.

Day 2 Sunday:

During the morning, we will continue navigating through the Sarmiento channel, Pitt channel and Concepción channel. 19:00 hrs. Arrival to the Antrim Fjord, where we supply with water. Dinner on board. Dancing Party.

Day 3 Monday:

08:00 hrs. Visit to Pío XI Glacier, navigating in front of the glacier, the biggest of South America, with a surface of 1,263 km2, belonging to the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, the biggest national park in Chile. 12:30 hrs. Ship weighs anchor from Seno Eyre and Grappler channel. 16:30 hrs. Arrival to Puerto Edén, disembarkation in boats. Two hours excursion, visiting this village, located in Wellington Island. It’s first inhabitants were the Kaweskar or Aacalufes aborigines. This village doesn’t have any streets, only footbridges, were it is possible to take a walk around town and go up to a viewpoint. Ship sets sail at 18:30 hrs. from Puerto Edén, navigating through the Paso del Indio and Paso del Abismo.

Day 4 Tuesday:

09:00 hrs. Visit to the Amalia Fjord. 11:00 hrs. We continue navigating through the Calvo Fjord where we will be able to appreciate four glaciers, of different shapes and colors. Excursions in “Capitan Constantino” (icebreaker motorboat). Icebreaker gets close to the Constantino Glacier, only if the weather conditions allow so. 15:00 hrs. Excursion to the Alipio and Fernando glaciers. During the afternoon, navigation through the Peel Fjord.

Day 5 Wednesday:

09:00 hrs. Visit to the Montañas Fjord were we will be able to see five little glaciers that hook of from the hills to the sea. Walking towards the Bernal glacier. 16:00 hrs. Ship sets sail from the Montañas Fjord, cross of the Kirke Narrowness, during the night, the ship casts anchor at Seno Ultima Esperanza. Farewell Dinner and Ball.

Day 6 Thursday:

Navigating Seno Ultima Esperanza, 08:30 hrs. Arrival at Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Natales. 10:00 hrs. Passengers disembark, transfer by bus to Punta Arenas.

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