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Detalle de Programa

Traditons and beliefs of the Atacama Culture Traditons and beliefs of the Atacama Culture
Zona: NorthCiudad: San Pedro de Atacama
Lugar de Interés: Desert and AltiplanoTipo de Salidas: Daily
Duración: 4 Días - 3 NochesTemporada: year-around

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Traditons and beliefs of the Atacama Culture   Traditons and beliefs of the Atacama Culture   Traditons and beliefs of the Atacama Culture   Traditons and beliefs of the Atacama Culture
El Programa Incluye:
  • Transfer airport / hotel / airport.
  • 03 nights hotels mentioned or similar with breakfast.
  • Excursions accordingi itinerary.
  • Landing services in regular.
  • Not include meals ot not mentioned items.
  • Prices per person in american dollars and rates are subject to be modify without previous notice.
CrossingChile CrossingChile

Day 1

San Pedro de Atacama - Kari ravine and Moon Valley.

Reception at the airport and transfer to San Pedro de Atacama.
On the route we will see wonderful landscapes, crossing Llano de la Paciencia (Patience flat). Farther we will cross the Cordillera de la Sal, an amazing view of a salty cordillera.

Transfer to the hotel.

16:00. trekking at the Kari ravine and the Moon Valley.
We get in to a small path, where we appreciated the splendor that nature can give you, places created 6 millions years ago by erosion of water and wind, the walls made up of salts and crystallized plasters. We can walk and enjoy a great geological spectacle, only to blame it to the time, a place that is very deserted, one of the most arid places in the world. After an hour trekking we get in to the Moon Valley, one of the main attraction of the place.
Repeatedly compared with the surface of the moon. Climbing the mayor sand dune, with a great view, waiting until sunrise.
Return to San Pedro de Atacama approx. 20:30.

Day 2

Full day Quitor - Rio Salado - Quebrada de tambores - Yerbas Buenas - Rainbow Valley - Lunch and Ro Grande ravine.

08:00 Departure on an interesting excursion to visit the “Ayllus” (towns) surrounded.
Visit to the Pukara de Quitor, a 12th Century (pre-Inca) fortress. Quitor is strategically located and was easily defended on all sides, until the Spanish arrival with the advantage of horses.
Partially restored in 1992, the Pukara de Quitor is one of the most complete and impressive of these early defensive measures.
An amazing construction on the top of the hill, houses made by stone and mud.
Crossing the “Ayllos” or community farm areas, we arrive at Tulor, the site of the earliest known settlement in the area known as the “Aldea de Tulor”. This settlement is more than 2,000 years old and consists of circular dwellings

10:30: Departure from a Hotel in San Pedro, taking first a pavement road for 12 km. to Piedra de la Coca, great pile of stones surrounded by zoomorphic Petroglyphs.
We continue to Rio Salado where we will see at the river side, Petroglyphs from tiwanaku and Inca periods. Walk around the area with a brief explanation.
We will return by the same access and that will lead us to Tambores Ravine, place where we can appreciate Petroglyphs. Along native’s routes, the pre Columbian explorer’s left valuable rupestrian information that in our times is still a mystery. This excursion allows us to appreciate these art representations, developed and discovered at the surrounding area of the Domeyko range. Box lunch before we move on.

We continuo to the small village of Rio Grande, located 80 km to the northwest, we take a detour, the road is on regular conditions. Along the route we will pass through an area of Petroglyphs in a rocky sector called Yerbas Buenas, here we stop to admire the different type of Petrogyphs, animal and human figures panels illustrates ancestral beliefs. We continuo the Valley de Arcoíris (rainbow valley) , hills with different colors. We descend to Rio Grande, thru a ravine of 300 mts on the way we find ancient cactus. Visit the village of Rio Grande. Return to San Pedro de Atacama.

Day 3

Full day Toconao - Socaire - Lagunas Altiplanicas - Atacama Salt Flat.

08:00 Departure to the Miñique and Miscanti, Altiplanic Lagoons, located at 138 km from San Pedro de Atacama and at 4.300 m.a.s.l.
On the route we will see the impressive Licancabur volcano and some native trees such as the tamarugo and the chañar. At 38km we arrive at the interesting little Toconao village, well known for its construction in Liparita, a volcanic stone quarried nearby.
Close to the quarry is the Jerez valley, a stunning, green contrast to the surrounding desert landscape. A stop at the small Socaire village for lunch and head to the Miñique and Miscanti, Altiplanic Lagoons, where we will be able to see and enjoy its beautiful colors and wildlife surrounding by hills and volcano’s. Time to walk around the lagoons.
Then we return to San Pedro to visit on our way the Salar de Atacama, where we can appreciate the three kinds of flamingos and other birds.
We will see the sunset there and then we will return to San Pedro to finally arrive at San Pedro around 18:00.

Day 4

Geiser del Tatio - Caspana - Chiu Chiu - Lasana - Calama.

Departing at 4:00 am, from the hotel to tone of the most complete and impressive of this early defensive Geysers del Tatio located at 98kms from San Pedro and at 4.300 m.a.s.l. We arrive at the geysers around 7:00am.
Enjoy a picnic style breakfast and a guided stroll through this geothermal field to see the geysers and pools of boiling water and mud. The area takes on an almost surreal look at sunrise.
Once the sun has risen and the thermal activity is calmed somewhat, we move to the area of the hot springs for a rejuvenating soak in 40°C water before beginning the return trip towards San Pedro.
After that we continue our trip to, but first we visit the Caspana Village, located at 3.305 m.a.s.l and on a fertile valley on contrast with the desert.
The village is known for its typical terrace plantations and its native architecture. Then we keep traveling to Chiu-Chiu, a tiny village located at 33km from Calama and with only 322 inhabitants, very well known for been founded by the Spanish. The San Francisco’s church in Chiu-Chiu is considered by many people as the most beautiful in the area of the Atacama. It is now a national monument and, with its 120cm thick walls, is typical style of construction employed by the Spanish in the 17th Century.
When crossing the river we discover the Pukara de Lasana, a 12th Century fortress. From Lasana there is only a short journey on an excellent highway to arrive at Calama.
Lunch in Lasana.
Transfer to the airport in Calama.

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