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Detalle de Programa

Arica North of Chile Andean - San Pedro Arica North of Chile Andean - San Pedro
Zona: NorthCiudad: Arica
Lugar de Interés: Adventure and ExpeditionsTipo de Salidas: Daily
Duración: 9 Días - 8 NochesTemporada: Year-round

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Arica North of Chile Andean - San Pedro   Arica North of Chile Andean - San Pedro   Arica North of Chile Andean - San Pedro   Arica North of Chile Andean - San Pedro
El Programa Incluye:
  • Transfer airport / hotel / airport.
  • Transfers between towns according itinerary.
  • 08 nights Hotel / Hostal / Resindential mentioned or similar with breakfast.
  • Excursions according itinerary.
  • Landing services in regular.
  • Not include meals or not mentioned items.
  • Prices per person in american dollars; require a minimun of 2 passengers and rates can be modify without previous notice.
CrossingChile CrossingChile

Day 1

Arica - City Tour and Archaeologicol:

Reception and transfer to the hotel.
15:00 City tour Arica + Archeological Azapa Valley: Visit a fascinating city with a colorful past seen through its architecture and national monuments such as St. Mark's Cathedral and the ex-Customs Building, both designed and pre-fabricated by Gustav Eiffel. Enter at the Azapa Valley; the first site to visit is the Cerro Sombrero pre Hispanic settlement and its panels of Geoglyphs highlighting a herd of camelids. Cerro Sagrado (Sacred Hill) illustrating ancestral beliefs through its panels of geoglyphs. Visit the Archeological Museum. Part of the University of and illustrating the complete evolution of the area from its most ancient inhabitants up till the arrival of the Spanish, about 10.000 years of history. Here in the museum are examples of the most ancient mummified remains in the world. Visit the Artisans Village and the opportunity to appreciate some of our local art and handicrafts. Visit the Morro of Arica another piece of history, where at the XIX century, remains the Pacific War. Back to the Hotel.

Day 2

Arica - Lauca National Park - Chungara Lake - Parinacota - Putre:

08:00 Morning departure towards the high plateau. During our ascent we have the chance to enjoy a wide variety of landscapes, flora and fauna. We soon pass by geoglyphs on the yellow slopes that flank the route, some depicting figures of llamas and humans. Other highlights along the way are the village of Poconchile and its XVII century church, the Cardones Canyon with it`s 4 meters high cacti, before we reach Pukara de Copaquilla, one of the ancient fortresses built by native Indians. Visit at the Socorroma village and its Andean/Colonial architecture and its pre-Hispanic farm terraces. Prior to continuo to Lauca national park enjoy a panoramic view of the village of Putre.
We continuo to Lauca National Park and the Chungara Lake, located at 4517m.a.s.l. During the ascent you can see the Andean bogs and the its strange wildlife such as the llareta, and the paja brava (straw), a wild spinifex like grass, very common in areas above 4,000m. Arrival at Chungara Lake, one of the most highest lakes in the world, surrounded by snowcapped volcanoes like the Guallatire with a constant fumaroles and more than 6,000m high. We visit the Parinacota village and its 17th century church, now declared national monument, and the chance to meet some of its native inhabitants (the Aymaras) with their traditional customs and beliefs. When arriving at Putre, lunch will be in a typical restaurant. After lunch we have the opportunity to enjoy a leisure strole around Putre. Dinner and accommodation Hostería in Putre.

Day 3

Putre – Surire Salt Flat – Volcán Isluga National Park – Enquelga –Colchane:

After breakfast at the hotel, we start our journey towards Las Vicuñas National Reserve where the wide open spaces, colors and overwhelming silence will leave you with a lasting memory.
Llamas, alpacas and vicuñas are abundant on the arid plains of this area of the high plateau. Also to be seen is a wide variety of bird life and the possibility to see the ñandu or lesser rhea. On route we will see a number of isolated shepherds’ settlements and pass through the Andean village of Guallatire with its XVII Century church facing the active volcano of the same name. Soon after we arrive in one of the most stunning areas of the altiplano, the Surire Salt Flats and its huge collection of pink flamingos; the three species are present here in Surire. On the southern side of Surire is the Polloquere hot springs where you can enjoy a rejuvenating soak bath. Box lunch on the route. In the afternoon we will head to the Colchane frontier control, while we visit the Enquelga and Isluga villages, both built in rocks, adobe and thatched roof. The inhabitants in the National Park of Isluga still keep their Aymara beliefs and traditions. Arrive at Colchane. Accommodation in a residential only with the basic needs.

Day 4

Colchane - Ataca,a Giant - Nitrated Towns – Tirana twon - Pica:

08:00 on an early departure we begin our descent towards the desert and the nitrate territory, so important to Chile around the turn of the century. We make a slight detour to visit the Atacama Giant, the largest Geoglyph in north of Chile with an altitude of 86m. On route to Pica we pass a number of abandoned nitrate offices and visit Humberstone, a nitrate ghost town where it is possible with a little of imagination see the splendor of this period of the Chile’s history. Visit the religious sanctuary of la Tirana. Arrive at Pica oasis.
Dinner an accommodation at complejo turistico Santa Rosa, 3 star hotels, with private rest rooms.

Day 5

Pica - Pintados Geoglyphs - Calama - San Pedro de Atacama:

08:00 Breakfast at the Hotel. We continue on to the Pintados Geoglyphs, one of the main archeological heritages and a beautiful demonstration of rupestrian art consisting of some 400 figures distributed along the hillsides in thematic groups or panels. We continue through the arid pampa of the Atacama Desert, very impressive for its dryness, expanse and beautifully contrast colors to finally arrive at San Pedro de Atacama. Lunch on route. Dinner at a local restaurant. Casona, Adobe or Estaka.

Day 6

San Pedro – Quitor – Tulor - Death and Moon Valley:

09:00 Visit at san Pedro de Atacama village: An opportunity to explore this picturesque village. The archeological museum bears the name of its founder, Padre Gustavo Le Paige, and, with its expansive collection on exhibits must be placed on the “must be seen” list for all visitors to the area. Cross the “Plaza” made on stone, and visit the oldest church in the area, also considered one of the most attractive on the area.
10:30 Visit to the Pukara de Quitor, a 12th Century (pre-Inca) fortress. Quitor is strategically located and was easily defended on all sides, until the Spanish arrival with the advantage of horses. Partially restored in 1992, the Pukara de Quitor is one of the most complete and impressive of these early defensive measures. Crossing the “Ayllos” or community farm areas, we arrive at Tulor, the site of the earliest known settlement in the area known as the “Aldea de Tulor”. This settlement is more than 2,000 years old and consists of circular dwellings interconnected by common passages and patios. Only part of the settlement is visible, the rest has being covered by the constantly moving desert sands. Return to San Pedro.
16:00 Departure to the Death Valley and the Moon Valley, both part of the National Reserve Los Flamencos and located only a few kilometers from San Pedro. First a trekking of 40 min at the Death Valley, also known as Mars Valley, where we can experience one of the most desolated and arid landscapes on the earth, hence the name Death Valley. Then we continue to the Moon Valley, a place with beautiful shapes and colors, where we can walk and enjoy a great geological spectacle that has been repeatedly compared with the surface of the moon, with its angular geology and rocks sculpted by millenniums of erosion. Visit the salt caverns before climbing the mayor sand dune where we can marvel at the kaleidoscope of colors that appear over the Andes at sunset.

Return to San Pedro de Atacama approx. 20:30.

Day 7

San Pedro - Toconao - Miñique and Miscanti Lagoons - Atacama Salta Flat - Chaxa lagoon:

08:00 departure to the Miñique and Miscanti, Altiplanics Lagoons, located at 138 km from San Pedro de Atacama and at 4.300 m.a.s.l. On the route we will see the impressive Licancabur volcano and some native trees such as the tamarugo and the chañar. At 38km we arrive at the interesting little Toconao village, well know for its construction in Liparita, a volcanic stone quarried nearby. Close to the quarry is the Jerez valley, a stunning, green contrast to the surrounding desert landscape. Then we cross the small Socaire village and head to the Miñique and Miscanti, Altiplanics Lagoons, where we will be able to see and enjoy its beautiful colors and wild surrounding by hills and volcanoes. Time to walk around the lagoons. Lunch at a local restaurant in Socaire then we start our trip back to San Pedro but before we visit the Salar de Atacama and the Chaxa Lagoon where we will see different birds and the flamingos. Lunch at a local restaurant in Socaire.
Return to San Pedro around 18:00.

Day 8

Geiser del Tatio - Puritama Hot Springs:

Departing at 4:30 am, from the hotel to the Geysers del Tatio located at 97kms from San Pedro and at 4.300 m.a.s.l. The road is at a bas shape. We arrive at the geysers around 7:00am, with a temperature most of the time below cero. Enjoy a picnic style breakfast and a guided stroll through this geothermal field to see the geysers and pools of boiling water and mud. The area takes on an almost surreal look at sunrise. Once the sun has risen and the thermal activity is calmed somewhat, we move to the area of the hot springs for a rejuvenating soak in 40°C water before beginning the return trip towards San Pedro. On the way back we visit the Puritama Hot Springs and the opportunity to enjoy these warms waters that emanate from beneath the rocks and surrounding vegetation. After time to enjoy the facilities offered by Puritama we return to San Pedro de Atacama. Arrival at 13:00

Day 9

Transfer hotel / Calama airport.

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